Calling the Child in You…

Life begins with childhood and also ends with it probably…

As depressing as it sounds, in today’s world, adults are so busy running after money that the time to live is getting postponed forever!
Well, Children’s Day which is tomorrow (14th November) will give you a chance to relive a few moments from your childhood. Will you still shy away from unleashing the child in you?


What were those things that were close to your heart as a child?
Like drawing, art and craft, dancing, singing, writing poems, watching cartoons and so on…
You can still do them right?

May be as a hobby during the weekends or at leisure when you are back home from work. It is your ‘me time’ better utilised.


✅Research claims that the happier people are those who have a child like appeal. They get excited by simple joys of life instead of waiting for reaching some ‘goal’!
✅It will help you to reboot, restart and refresh your energy levels and cut down on stress.
✅Adults get anxious about making changes unlike children. But the truth is that with a few happy changes in your lifestyle, you will feel wow like a child once again.

The time to do it is NOW!


Happy Children’s Day to you all who are still a child at heart 😘

Sayanti Banerjee

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