3 Party Looks for Every Body Type 👗

As the year 2017 is coming to an end, it is time to make the last day of this year WoW now! So dress up, look your best and party like there is no tomorrow. Here are the three basic rules of styling that you need to know while deciding what to wear.



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⏫Where Sky is the Limit…

Have you ever wondered, what it would feel like to fly as a bird? I did as a part of my childhood daydreams… Well, now for the first time I got to experience it while Paragliding at Kamshet, near Pune.
Unlike sitting in a caged flight, spreading your arms and getting a bird’s eye view of the beautiful world around, is priceless…


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🍷Mix Wine with Metallic to look Wow!!!

Party season comes with its own stress, thankfully it is a happy state to deal with. Have you decided what to wear and how to look your best this time of the year? The social media is buzzing with trends of fashion and beauty. Which one will you follow now…


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🎅 Wow baking ideas for Christmas🎄

This is the official party season around the world. So it is certainly the most awaited time of the year.  It is also called the holiday season as the week between Christmas and New Year is celebrated with friends and family, away from work.
Food is something that connects people like nothing else can. So the idea of baking yummy treats for Christmas ensures bonding. With Siemen’s home appliences, spreading good cheer now got easier.
IMG_20171214_145002 (1).jpg

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❄RF IceCube 2.0, the coolest thing to try now⛄

The holiday season is here and all the parties are lined up as the countdown to Christmas and New Year begins. While ‘what to wear’ has been a concern forever,  in this age of social media, how you look becomes even more important. Also, this is the time of the year, for best photographs to be uploaded as memories.
As a girl I know that while we love to wear our best party attires, depending on the length and silhouettes we choose, body hair becomes a concern. So in order to look well-groomed, either we opt for waxing if there is enough hair growth or use a razor as a quick fix. But both of these options  are quite painful and can lead to bruises. So I wanted to try out a new technique like laser hair removal with Richfeel’s new IceCube 2.0 technology.
Here’s why it felt wow…

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Cocktail Party Looks to try now🍸

This wedding season, you would want to look your best as the bride, bride’s maid or guest. Here are a few simple makeup tricks to look wow now.


Watch my video to rock the cocktail party in style.

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Cheers to Wine Trends🍷

This party season, Wine has gone beyond being a popular drink. It is the colour that you would want to wear in order to stay on Trend.

So while you are excited about sipping on to Sangria at every party, it is time to sport this hue as well. Here’s how to do it in style…


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