Cheers to Wine Trends🍷

This party season, Wine has gone beyond being a popular drink. It is the colour that you would want to wear in order to stay on Trend.

So while you are excited about sipping on to Sangria at every party, it is time to sport this hue as well. Here’s how to do it in style…


3 ways to look stylish in wine hues:


If it is a Day Look, keep it simple by mixing a top, jacket and a bottom. You can have one of them in the shade of wine.
For the Evening Look, you can go bold with monochrome. A solid wine coloured outfit like a dress or a gown spells glamour.


*For the day you can sport rosé tinted glares that look very chic.
*Evening dressing calls for more oomph, so you can wear fashion jewellery with stones in wine hue.
*Even footwears inspired by the colours of wine can be wow options.


Wine is a bold colour so you can have fun playing with it this party season. The easiest way to have a fuller pout is to wear a dark lipcolour. Wine colour lipsticks totally work that magic!

For the cheeks you can use a hint of wine blusher or bronzer to contour your face. It works beautifully for an evening look.

If you wish to add some drama to your makeup, try out wine colour eyeshadows as well. It will make your eyes look sexy instantly!

You can go for wine hues in nail paints as the safe bet.

WOW TIP: Try these hacks one at a time for the different parties that you attend.

I am sure you will be able to reinvent your look and get loads of compliments!

Sayanti Banerjee

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