❄RF IceCube 2.0, the coolest thing to try now⛄

The holiday season is here and all the parties are lined up as the countdown to Christmas and New Year begins. While ‘what to wear’ has been a concern forever,  in this age of social media, how you look becomes even more important. Also, this is the time of the year, for best photographs to be uploaded as memories.
As a girl I know that while we love to wear our best party attires, depending on the length and silhouettes we choose, body hair becomes a concern. So in order to look well-groomed, either we opt for waxing if there is enough hair growth or use a razor as a quick fix. But both of these options  are quite painful and can lead to bruises. So I wanted to try out a new technique like laser hair removal with Richfeel’s new IceCube 2.0 technology.
Here’s why it felt wow…

RichFeel has been the pioneer of trichology in India when it comes to providing expertise in hair and personal care. RF Ice Cube 2.0 is Europe’s most advanced laser hair reduction technology now introduced in India by RichFeel.
 It is a revolutionary Cool Brush Hair Reduction Treatment that glides on the skin. As the name suggest, this laser hair reduction uses the cool brush technology that not only has a cooling effect on the skin but also improves the over all skin texture.
Also, trust me this advanced procedure is very comfortable without any recovery time required. So you can get done with the treatment in an hour or so and head straight to the party in your fashionable outfits.
1) There are no side effects, rashes, itching or redness post the treatment.
2) RF IceCube 2.0 technology is suitable for all skin types. 
3) It is totally pain less and a quick procedure. 
4) RF IceCube 2.0 technology can be done at any age. 
5) With a few sessions, the unwanted hair growth can be prevented easily. 
6) As an add-on benefit, the skin starts glowing and feels silky smooth after RF IceCube 0.2 treatment. 
7) It is safe for sensitive skin and bikini areas as well. 
Wow Tip:
Try a patch test to experience the RF IceCube 2.0 on a smaller area of your skin first. If you like it, go for this cool brush laser hair removal on your entire body or the parts on which body hair is bothering you.
Time to look wow now!!!
Sayanti Banerjee
🐥TWITTER: @mesayanti
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👻snapchat: thewowdetector 
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