🎅 Wow baking ideas for Christmas🎄

This is the official party season around the world. So it is certainly the most awaited time of the year.  It is also called the holiday season as the week between Christmas and New Year is celebrated with friends and family, away from work.
Food is something that connects people like nothing else can. So the idea of baking yummy treats for Christmas ensures bonding. With Siemen’s home appliences, spreading good cheer now got easier.
IMG_20171214_145002 (1).jpg

I was very happy to be a part of a live baking session with Siemens Master Chef recently. Though I am not a pro at baking, I was surprised to discover the ease of baking with Siemens appliances. 
The good news is that – All appliances in the iQ700 built-in range can be combined perfectly with each other.
🍜A Healthy Cooking Style
Flavours, vitamins and nutrients are retained with the steam cooking. All ovens have cookControl Plus.
cookControl Plus has pre-installed settings that ensure best results with innovative technology.
It is actually like a cookbook that doubles up as an oven.
The cookControl Plus function in your oven or cooker provides individual setting recommendations for perfect preparation of your dishes.
 All you have to do is select the dish and enter the weight.
The oven or cooker does the rest. cookControl Plus makes sure you always get the best results, for a wide range of dishes at home.
☕Perfect for Coffee Lovers
When it comes to recharging your energy levels,  a cup of good coffee works like magic. So if you had a Fully automatic espresso maker or a Fully automatic coffee machine at home, won’t it make you feel wow?
One of the latest launches from Siemens Home appliances is the Built-in coffee center with one Touch Function for perfect coffee indulgence.
There is an Intelligent Heater inside that ensures ideal, constant brewing temperature.
Moreover,  there is an option for aroma Double Shot. It is unique as it offers extra-strong coffee with less bitterness with two grinding and brewing processes.
 There is also a fully-automatic steam cleaning after every beverage flows out of the machine.
WOW TIP: So it is time to treat your self with some wow appliances that will ensure wow baking, cooking and coffee making at home itself, this Christmas and beyond!
-Sayanti Banerjee
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