⏫Where Sky is the Limit…

Have you ever wondered, what it would feel like to fly as a bird? I did as a part of my childhood daydreams… Well, now for the first time I got to experience it while Paragliding at Kamshet, near Pune.
Unlike sitting in a caged flight, spreading your arms and getting a bird’s eye view of the beautiful world around, is priceless…


Taking a tandem flight with Nirvana Adventures this Christmas made me feel high up in the sky, literally.

Life is full of experiences and you are never too old to learn something new. Paragliding is a sport that can extend into a hobby if you choose to learn the art of flying with a glider, professionally.


Nirvana Adventures is a paragliding school offering Paragliding courses for various levels including Elementary Pilot (EP) and Club Pilot (CP) courses.
Since there are various courses to choose from, select the one you like based on your interest level.

For those willing to enjoy the flying experience without having to learn paragliding, there are Tandem flights where one of the professional instructors control the glider while you enjoy the scenic view and smile for GoPro photographs as you fly. What more can you ask for?


As the name suggests, ‘Nirvana’ means liberation. So you can enjoy the freedom of being away from your
regular lifestyle by living at the Native Place as a part of the Paragliding course.
There is an accommodation facility of this Paragliding school called the Native Place. It is situated next to a beautiful lake and is a tourist attraction by itself.


You can relish the laid-back atmosphere, flora and fauna of organic farming, home style cooking and connecting with like-minded people from India and abroad.

I would suggest, make this a part of your 2018 travel goal if you cannot be there before the New Year.

Trust me, it is not only a holiday meant for soul searching but also the perfect agenda to feel wow!

Sayanti Banerjee

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