Bertolli Wali Baat

When it comes to olive oil, how many brand names can you recall? Bertolli comes to my mind first. It has almost become a synonym for pure oilve oil.

We have been using it at home for generations now, and I can vouch for the fact that – original needs no substitute!

So I was very excited to be a part of the KalaGhoda workshop recently where Chef Gautam Mehrishi shared tips and tricks of cooking with Bertolli olive oil. Here is what Tastes Best with Bertolli…



This year the theme of Kala Ghorda Art Festival 2018 was going green. There was an interesting contest run by Bertolli in which passionate home chef duo had to toss up their favourite dishes using olive oil.  The recipe that got selected by Celebrity Chef Gautam Mehrishi, had the ‘Bertolli ki baat’ in it.

The contest winner Ms Jyoti Thakur was the lucky fan who got to cook with Chef Gautam at this special workshop while the fans cheered them.



The globally popular brand Bertolli celebrates the heart of Italian cooking. It has been both authentic and contemporary in style ever since 1865, when Francesco Bertolli launched the brand.

Bertolli olive oil contains more unsaturated fatty acids than butter, margarine and other oils. These unsaturated fatty acids replace the “bad” fats in our body, reducing our cholesterol levels as a result. Olive oil also contains natural antioxidants which protect our cells against ageing.


So Chef used green, leafy vegetables to cook in the Bertolli Olive oil and create an amazing dish in no time. Perfectly styled to go with the arty mood of the Kala Ghora Art Festival. He also shared the various properties of the 3 different varients of Bertolli Olive oil that is worth knowing about, if you love cooking.



The Classico variety of the olive oil is the best cooking medium for the Indian kitchen.

What makes the mild taste of Bertolli Classico olive oil a favourite, is the fact that it is very flexible in nature. As a cooking medium, it can be used for a number of dishes and in various ways. It is stable at high temperatures and that makes this oil perfect for frying, roasting fish and meat or for tossing up vegetables. As an add on benefit, Bertolli Classico olive oil is suitable for a healthy diet as well! Thus it is a perfect fit for all the modern lifestyle needs.


It has an extra light variety as well that has just a hint of olive and is ideal for high heat cooking like sautéing, frying and baking.


It has a rich fragrance and a well rounded taste. Bertolli extra virgin olive oil gives an interesting flavour of the Mediterranean to your recipes without overpowering other ingredients. It is ideal for dips, pasta sauces and salad dressings.



The difference lies in the way the olives are processed. Extra virgin oil is obtained directly from olives which are cold-pressed as soon as possible after harvesting, so that the full flavor and fragrance are retained. Olive oil undergoes further processing after pressing, making it easier to heat without burning.

Select the one that suits your taste buds and lifestyle the best.

– Sayanti Banerjee


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