Freedom From pimples naturally ✅

I host shows on Tata sky beauty and tell my audience how to use natural ingredients from their kitchen for skin care. However, I do not find the time to do so myself. Thankfully, I have found myself a wow solution now.
Here’s why you should try it too!

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After washing my face, when I apply makeup and step out, my skin looks and feels very greasy.
Since I have oily skin, it has a natural tendency to look shiny. Also, my skin tends to sweat a lot under arch lights at shoots or while out in the sun. In order to get the matte look I have to pat more powder on my face and that in turn clogs the pores, leading to pimples.
Do you also have a similar skin concern?

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How to make the skin look oil free and healthy was my concern always. Excess oil is the reason for incessant pimple problem. I have tried several face washes with neem that promise to cure pimples but the effect was only half way. There was something missing I felt. But when it comes to skincare, I do not take a chance with new products. With Boro Plus, I have a very old connect as it has been a popular brand in my house as well. Since it has been trusted over generations, I wanted to try the new Boro Plus Zero Oil Zero Pimple face wash.

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Multani mitti, also known as Fuller’s earth, is a mineral-rich clay material that has long been used as a beauty ingredient. It is an abundant source of minerals like magnesium, silica, quartz, calcium, iron, calcite, and dolomite.
This magic ingredient is popularly used as a remedy for acne and blemishes. However, a lot of people are unaware of how versatile multani mitti is with add on benefits such as it:
• Detoxification of the skin
• Improvement of blood circulation which enhances the natural glow
• Fading of blemishes and tan removal

• This face wash has the benefit of multani mitti as well as neem.
• It does not dry out the skin and make it look and feel dehydrated.
• After having tried every anti-pimple solution, you can surely invest Rs 55 to see the difference.
In fact you get 20 per cent extra on 50ml pack.


¤ Zero Oil Zero Pimple face wash is perfect for your summer beauty kit.
¤ The unique formula combines the power of micronized multani mitti that can control excess oil and the antiseptic goodness of neem.
¤ It can fight hidden pimples as well.
¤ Wash your face twice a day at least and do not forget to apply sun screen this summer.

-Sayanti Banerjee

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