Thai Spa for Self Pampering? 🙋

After work or workout for an entire week, the weekend calls for some relaxation. Sleeping cannot rejuvenate your body like a massage can. So a spa is always like a self treat I would say. Also, it is a healthy indulgence unlike the other indulgences that we save for the weekend!
I tried the Thai foot massage at the Sukho Thai Spa today to rejuvenate myself for the week ahead. It felt like a yoga of sorts as the wellness expert not only performed the massage but also helped me stretch my body. You need to try it out yourself to experience it now.

It feels wow…


Why try:
If you are looking for a quick therapy on the go.
If you have leg pain from regular workouts or walking.
If you like basic yoga stretches for relaxation.


From my first experience:
✔I found Sukho Thai spa affordable for the skilled staff and the comfortable ambiance it offers.

✔In fact it is value for money and there are a number of offers to select from.

✔The ginger tea and bowl of fruits chopped in an artistic way, is a part of this must try experience.

Sayanti Banerjee

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