💁Time to Fear no Mirror!!!

Sculpting is an art. Don’t we admire how sculptures and idols of Gods and Goddesses are carved perfectly. However, in real life, in spite of working out at the gym or living on a diet, our mirrors fail to reflect back such perfection. But how do Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities manage to look well sculpted? Don’t you wish to know their secret?
Read on about CoolSculpting as one of the coolest ways to attain that ideal body.


When you look good, you feel great. The reverse is true as well. Even if we have a healthy weight, some fat remains stored in our body, at certain parts that make us look plump. So the double chin, bat arms, pot belly or thunder thighs are the awkward names that are given to us!


After burning the calories, now it is time to go to the next level and freeze your fat. So with a magic wand like CoolSculpting you can make those fats disappear in no time. It is an amazing technology that targets such problem areas directly and leaves you with a sculpted look.


CoolSculpting is one of the latest innovations and is FDA approved.So the procedure is completely legal and also safe.
 ✔There are no surgical procedures involved in it.

✔ CoolSculpting helps to target fat cells and literally break them down so that they can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream.


With CoolSculpting procedure your unwanted fatty tissues are pressed between two plates that are cold enough to kill the fat cells. The duration of the procedure of course differes from person to person depending on the body part and your fat density. The instant results are encouraging but you need to follow a healthy lifestyle as well to maintain the beauty.


At the official launch of CoolSculpting in India, celebrities and experts shared their views.
Ex-Miss Universe and Bollywood actor Sushmita Sen says, ” You need to sculpt your personality as well in order to be a diva. For shaping your body, CoolSculpting is one of the latest innovations I have come across. So now it is easy to say fear no mirror!”

Celebrity skin expert Dr Jamuna Pai says, “The demand for CoolSculpting is growing now. It is a great solution for looking great with hardly any downtime.”

Ace Bollywood photographer Dabboo Ratnani says, “When you feel good about yourself, you look good in front of the camera. So having a well sculpted body is important. Now CoolSculpting can be a quick solution. ”

Celebrity fitness expert Prashant Sawant says, ” CoolSculpting is a quick solution for body parts that store stubborn fat.”

Celebrity dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad assures, ” The skin is not affected by CoolSculpting. So you can opt for any body part that concerns you. ”


– Sayanti Banerjee

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