Face it solve it in Style

Hair is the crowning glory and the best accessory that a woman can wear 24/7. While colouring the hair is in fashion and ash blond colours are in vogue, going grey is still a huge beauty concern.
 If there was a solution for this problem
won’t you wish to try it out for yourself? Time to face the issue and solve it in style!

The grey area:
How to look young and stay young is a huge concern in today’s world. Since grey hair is believed to as a symbol of old age, finding that first strand of silver in your youth can be a nightmare. But the truth is, in today’s world ‘premature greying’ is a reality.
 Reasons for early greying:
There are a number of myths and truths related to grey hair like:
  • Blame the grey on genetics,
  • Not following a proper diet,
  • irregular sleeping habits,
  •  work or personal stress,
  • pollution,
  •  lifestyle habits,
  • hair coloring at an early age, etc
Let experts decode:
Greying of hair is natural with age, but due to our modern lifestyles, hair starts loosing its natural pigment much earlier. So a youth starts greying because of melanin depletion in roots. Melanin is a pigment that each hair follicle has, and it gives hair its color.
As we age, our scalp produces less pigment, resulting in whitening from the roots. In such cases we call it premature greying, which means you start greying when it really is not your age to get grey hair.
Try this modern solution:
Marico’s True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic, is a first-of-its kind innovation, that works by increasing the melanin levels in the hair roots and thereby delays hair greying.
Radhika Apte, launched Marico’s newest brand ‘True Roots’, that delays hair greying from the roots. True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic is dermatologically tested and is clinically proven to show no new greys in 90 days.
Greying of hair is caused due to decreasing levels of melanin in the hair roots. Melanin is a natural pigment, which gives hair its dark colour.
It is formulated with Apigenin, an extract of chamomile flowers and powerful botanical actives that increase the melanin levels in the hair roots.
Marico’s True Roots offers a solution to delay hair greying from the roots.
It also promises to be effective with the goodness of natural ingredients,
I did try it myself and here is my honest feedback.
What’s wow:
As a prime ingredient, Chamomile flower makes for a fantastic hair colorant especially for the Indian hair types. It contains a pigment called apigenin, which helps in producing melanin that in return gives hair its natural color.
As an added benifit, True Roots Botanical Hair Tonic comes in an innovative spray format that makes everyday application convenient. It is aqua based, non-sticky and fits in perfectly with the lifestyle.
Buy now from 
– Sayanti Banerjee

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