🚀Moves to Move Ur CareeR 👍

I was happily busy for a while, shooting for a few television shows. Now that they are on air, I can sit back, enjoy the Mumbai ☔ rains and share my story. Are you listening…



More than reading most of us love to consume content via the audio-visual mediums. So after being a print journalist, I switched to YouTube content creation without a plan actually!


That’s how journalism had happened too.
It was the excitement to see my name featured in the student’s content pages of The Stateman – Voices newspaper, that got me started. By the end of my 10th standard, I felt this was easy since I love to talk to people and know their stories. Well, they got published as articles with my byline and I got the confidence during college, that I can opt for it as a career even without a degree in journalism.



I studied English Literature instead, while constantly writing for mainsteam newspaper feature pages in Calcutta (my hometown). They were mostly in the ‘by the youth for the youth style’. I did get paid for the same and that was my ‘proud pocket’ money.
Real journalism was on the job and the truth is, it is the only way to learn. The same thing I felt as I moved on to be a Blogger, YouTuber and social Media influencer.
Now I prefer to be an Anchor and have gathered enough links and brand logos over the past two years, to build a new portfolio.

anchor otm

I have learnt 2 things from my journey so far that I wish to share with you.

#1 ‘Open to Learn’ new things or from mistakes is the basic skill that you need. Rest will follow.

#2 It is ‘never too late to start from scratch’. Till you are dead, there is enough time left to live and be WoW now!

– Sayanti Banerjee

📷INSTA: sayanti_banerjee

2 thoughts on “🚀Moves to Move Ur CareeR 👍

  1. Your have a great story of life and I think you enjoy the moments you did great I wish you one day you are on the top of your dream job and achieve whatever you want

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