Bio: If Life is a dream, I would want to be a dream-catcher… What fascinates me about it is the fact that it makes me believe in being able to simply rope in my dreams and breathe reality into them. So here I am as the 'wow detector', trying to find that magical element that make something worth! Life is short so one should opt for only what really matters any why… I started writing for The Statesman VOICES while I was in school and gradually contributed as a copywriter for the popular e-greetings portal as well. The passion for chasing stories kept me going. While pursuing English Literature from Loreto College, I freelanced for a number of English newspapers in Kolkata (my home town). To see my stories published in Calcutta Times, HT City, Asian Age and Telegraph encouraged me to take the plunge. I moved from the City of Joy to the City of Dreams, Mumbai. Here I had my brush with bigger brands like,, L’Officiel, Bombay Times and Femina, to mention a few of the mile stones from my career graph. I enjoy exploring different beats such as - Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty and Travel. The shoots, the interviews with celebrities, fashion designers, make-up artists, hair stylists, socialites and entrepreneurs help me gather a 360 degree view of the glamour world that I had initially dreamt of. So as an individual I believe in living Life to the fullest by finding happiness in everything that I do. Also, being a fitness freak gives me the energy to literally chase my dreams, while my passion fuels this creative journey. Since exploring newer avenues seem to be my destination, reaching out to them is my ambition. Having learnt from every experience in life so far, I look forward to each day as a new opportunity and a source of inspiration in itself to be WoW!

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