For the Nomad @Heart🙋

I feel we are all a bit nomadic at heart and always wanting to break free from set norms. Catering to this boho, wander-lust attitude, Taj Land’s End has come up with a unique ‘gastro bar’ experience that goes by the name House of Nomad.

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Get Wine Wise…

In order to find out a few myths and truths about wine, I caught up with Sonal Holland at the India Wine Awards 2017. She has been recently named the world’s first and only Master of Wines from India.

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Indulge in Dips n Desserts…

During summers, eating too much is out of the question. So salads and juices fit into the diet perfectly. But if you wish to make the platter a little more interesting, you can opt for a variety of dips to go with. Also, a simple yet filling dessert like a waffle by the side will be a wow option to try.
With the Speedy Chef dip and Waffle Maker from Tupperwear, I am having fun this season.

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Easter Special Treat👯

There is something cute about Easter, the bunnies? They bring out the child in you. That is how I and my friends felt while enjoying a Special Easter Sunday brunch at the Holiday Inn. The food is a treat for your mood as well!!!

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While in our hectic lifestyle we eat to live, when it comes to eating out- we live to eat!
So catching up with friends over food at a restaurant or having a dinner date becomes extra special. Time seems to stop for once as you savour your food, relish a drink and soak in the experience of a happy ambiance.
This is how I felt today while enjoying a meal with my friends at the newly launched GLOकAL  Junction in worli.


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How to look wow like Bollywood Actors

How to look wow like Shilpa Shetty

–Sayanti Banerjee





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A Persian Treat👸

In today’s hectic world, what we all look forward to is – a break from the regular schedule. While travel becomes a refresher button in our modern lifestyle, cuisine from different countries play an importat role too. In fact, food has the power to transport anyone to it’s place of origin. Recently I experienced the exotic flavours of Persia recreated at Namak, Hotel Sahara Star.


Here’s why you too should treat yourself to the royal Persian Food festival that is on till the 12th of March.

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