It Feels WoW…

We believe that we all are talented in our own way and try to showcase those skills through our work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not…

But what matters is what keeps us going…


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Indulge in Dips n Desserts…

During summers, eating too much is out of the question. So salads and juices fit into the diet perfectly. But if you wish to make the platter a little more interesting, you can opt for a variety of dips to go with. Also, a simple yet filling dessert like a waffle by the side will be a wow option to try.
With the Speedy Chef dip and Waffle Maker from Tupperwear, I am having fun this season.

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Life as a Woman Blogger…πŸ€”

What does it take to be a blogger? Just…
The power of IMAGINATION. Exactly, it is quite like the sense of Style…
You either have it or you don’t!
So there is no formula to be a blogger and here is how my journey has been so far, chasing my dreams…
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A Persian TreatπŸ‘Έ

In today’s hectic world, what we all look forward to is – a break from the regular schedule. While travel becomes a refresher button in our modern lifestyle, cuisine from different countries play an importat role too. In fact, food has the power to transport anyone to it’s place of origin. Recently I experienced the exotic flavours of Persia recreated at Namak, Hotel Sahara Star.


Here’s why you too should treat yourself to the royal Persian Food festival that is on till the 12th of March.

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Romancing Aamby Valley…

Holiday is a luxury in today’s busy world. I am glad that I got to take off for a staycation to Aamby Valley. It is a beautiful drive from Mumbai and I had a friend for company. Here are the moments from my recent trip that still make me feel WoW:

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Cheers to December!!!

Yes it is time to raise a toast…

To the last month of the year 2016. Hello December, aren’t you here too soon???


I sometimes feel that I am trapped in a Time Machine that has only a >>Fast Forward>> button.

They say Happy Times seem to pass in a wink, so on that Positive thought I will make a list of what 2016 gave me so far. Mostly smiles and that makes it a ‘WoW’ year!!!

How was 2016 for you, I would love to know…

-Sayanti Banerjee

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Thanksgiving Delights to Celebrate…

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday, it is a special occasion to express gratitude. But more than just saying a ‘Thank you’ to your friends and family, sharing a meal together would be a better idea. I took my friends to The Yard in Kalaghora, (Mumbai) for a casual dinner. This is how the newly launched restaurantΒ treated us.

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