‘Party-Ready’ in 3

It’s Friday finally and as the countdown to the weekend begins, you need to get going with a few plans. Since there is no escaping being in office during by the day, you can dig into your beauty kit and try out a smoky eyes to get ‘party-ready’ eyes opnbefore you step out of office in style. eyes closed

Here’s what works instantly to glam you up no matter what you are wearing clothes and accessory wise:

#1 Wash you face and reset your base to add an instant fresh feel at the end of the day.
#2. Define your eyes with khol pencil and smudge the outer rims. Go soft on the upper lids of the eyes by smearing a dark eyeshadow with a shimmery finish.
#3 Add a dash of gloss to your pout, leave your hair down and party!

-Sayanti Banerjee


Own your beauty weapons

Have you ever wondered, in spite of applying eye makeup, blusher and lipstick in the same way as a celeb does, why you don’t look as stunning as a red carpet fashionista? Well, more than the products you use, it is really about the technique of application. Once you master the art of using some of the beauty weapons like a pro, you will stand out as a diva.

Own your beauty weapons
Own your beauty weapons
Powder brush
Powder brush

In this humid weather, if you do not set your base well, then the overall makeup will look patchy. Set off your makeup with loose powder and make sure to do so in a circular motion with a good powder brush for a seamless finish.

eyelash curler
Eyelash curler:

Eyelash curler: To make your eyes look big instantly, just curl your lashes upwards and outwards. Apply a generous coat of mascara for a glam-doll effect.

Eyebrow brush:

Well-groomed eyebrows can frame the face beautifully. So use this magic wand to brush out your brows and make your face look more attractive.

Eyebrow brush
Eyebrow brush
Hair straigthener
Hair straigthener

Hair straigthener: You can use this tool in 2 ways, to make your hair straight or wavy. Play it as per your mood and make heads turn…

Hair dryer:

Hair dryer:

You can literally blow off any one with a great blow dried hairstyle. Try this trick to look rock chic!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Go big on ‘O’

Do you dare to go orange this season? This colour spells optimism, adventure and friendliness. So when you sport this vibrant colour, you make your own fashion statement.

Lips don’t lie
Pop Pout

Have fun with this big ‘O’ over the weekend!

Lips don’t lie:

Get a pop pout with an orange hue. Let your puckers make the style statement.

Spread it out
Go graphic
Go solid too
Retro chic

Go solid:

While monochromes are in fashion, you can play safe with a mix and match for an effortlessly glam effect.

Spread it out:

If a solid orange makes you feel uncomfortable, break it up with prints and graphic motifs that are fashion forward.

Bag off in style
Bag off in style
Orange happy

Bag off in style:

While you can wear printed attire, an envelope clutch or a tote in solid orange will be a wow colour-blocking idea.

Wear this circus hue in multiple ways and look wow!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Can you do Cannes?

Inspiration Cannes
Inspiration Cannes…

Cannes film festival is the ultimate Mecca of fashion. As the tinsel town divas grace the stylish red carpet, they set off a few trends that are in vogue. You too can upgrade your grooming quotient a few notches higher.

Here’s what I found trending @Cannes: • Outfit: Jewelled tones, self embellishments, floor length gowns with structured necklines are ruling the lime light. Working towards a fit body can take care of how a well fitted garment will make you look. So get moving!

• Shoes: Stilettos work the best and for a regal feel, golden or silver metallic sheen holds all attention.

• Accessories: Keep accessories minimal, like a statement ear ring or a cocktail ring to go with your outfit.

• Make-up: Defined eye shapes with liners and a smoky eye shadow finish to look stunning. Bright, glossy lips are also a rage currently.

• Hairdo: Effortless…is the word. You can wear your hair down, naturally, just make sure that the cut is stylish to add all the oomph.

Take notes from the fashionistas like Natalie Portman, Sonam Kapoor, Salma Hayek, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and the likes, as they own the red carpet and make everyone say ‘wow’!

Photo Credit: Rajiv Hinduja

Venue: J W Marriott Sahar

-Sayanti Banerjee

Sun Kissed Trends…

When it comes to summer trends, you need to be creative as well as practical. With the blazing sun and humidity, you cannot wear colours of makeup or hairstyles that will make you look and feel exhausted. Here’s what you can do to keep it smart and stylish:

Sunny glow

Sunny glow:

The skin should breathe literally and look well hydrated. When your skin looks healthy, it will naturally glow. Drink enough water and cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin twice a day. It takes just 12 minutes to make sure that you look radiant for the 12 waking hours. Worth it, right?

Tinted eyes
Tinted eyes

Tinted eyes:

You would want to avoid smudgy eye-makeup this season. So keep it simple and classic with a funky twist of the wing or swapping black for a blue, teal or green. They will not only open up the eyes but also add a quirky element to your over all glam quotient. Try!

Bright pouts:

This season you can wear fun lip colours and let your bright pout make a fashion statement. Keep to pinks, peaches and corals instead of reds. In fact you can blend in dual tones to give a hint of ombre finish.

Bright pout
Bright pout
Crowning glory
Crowning glory

Crowning glory:

Braids are a girl’s best friend and they make your hair look structured in a subtle way. You can add interesting shapes and twists to any hairdo and create your own style.

Look up the YouTube for inspiration and you can try out fishtail or waterfall braids like I did for a sun downer party.

The summer trends are getting hotter now…
-Sayanti Banerjee

WoW Weekend Planner

Come Friday and we can’t wait to get started with the weekend. Though after a long week you would not care to have an ‘agenda’ as such but guess what, a smart planner can help you get more out of you leisure time. Here’s what you can try:

WoW Weekend Planner!
WoW Weekend Planner!

# Snooze off snooze button: You can add extra hours of sleep to your weekend mornings smartly by resetting the alarm an hour later than your regular schedule. This will help you to catch up on snooze without having to hit on the snooze button or wake up mid-day.

#Go off cheat days: Weekend ‘cheat day’ fad is not worth really as it can undo the effort you have put in so far. Exercising may not be on your mind but you can plan a nice walk by the beach to get a ‘holiday feel’. In fact, you can go for a swim, opt for a Zumba class or hit the dance floor and party as well.

# Size up your platter: If you think diets are for weekdays and give into food cravings by the weekend, refresh your agenda literally! Do indulge in whatever you wish to taste but go by the golden rule of ‘portion control’ to cut out the extra guilty calories.

#De-stress weekend stress: It is not only work that stresses us out, wondering what to do over the weekend can make you a bit restless as well. So the best way to make sure that you have a relaxing time as well as enjoy yourself is to plan out the activities you want to indulge in without leaving things for the last minute.

No matter what check-list you put together, make sure to be H-A-P-P-Y!!!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Smart Summer Shopping Ideas

Candy colours never fail to make a girl look cute and this summer you can load your wardrobe with peach, lavender, cream, powder blue, lime, baby pink and more. These pastel hues are a rage across the globe and will keep you hot on trend this season!summer wow

Here’s what I chose to wear for a sun-downer party. This beautiful maxi dress from designer Shilpa Khandelwal’s latest collection ‘Daisies in the Forest’ made me feel ‘wow’ for the rest of the Sunday evening!
Watch out for:

  • A structured maxi dress with a mix and match of solid and laser floral prints that work perfectly for most occasions.
  • The corset fit top with an a-line finish silhouette makes it perfect for all body types.
  • In fact, the high waist not only elongates the body, specially in the case of a petite person but also takes away from the ‘flab on abs’ concern.

Simply go shopping for a pretty outfit and warm up to summer friendly hues!

Wardrobe Credit: Shilpa K by fashion designer Shilpa Khandelwal

Photo Credit: Mandar

-Sayanti Banerjee