Bride’s Maid Shopping@Jashn

Whether you wish to have fun in the sun or look elegant like a diva, Jashn has all the options. I had heard about this brand but got to visit a store recently to shop for my best friend’s wedding. I was happily spoilt for choice deciding upon what I want to wear as the bride’s maid.

Here are the 3 styles that I selected.


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While you might be a fan of western wear like me, this festive season won’t you wish to look different? The spirit of the festivals like Navratri and Diwali that are coming up, celebrate colour and sparkle at its best. You can indulge in them in style and look more ravishing than ever in ethnic wear as well.

Here’s how to do it:


If you have the passion for FASHION then the ramp of Pune will have the same appeal for you as Paris!

The recently concluded 6th edition of the Pune Fashion Week presented by BVLGARI, was a two-day extravaganza that lived up to the expectations of fashion lovers like me.

Here are some fashion and beauty trends that I spotted. What makes them ‘WoW’ is that they can be flaunted in real life as well.


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2 Shades of Foundation for Perfect Face Contouring

Today, taking at least one selfie a day has become a part of our daily routine.  While the phone camera might have a beauty mode and filters to make you look ‘picture perfect’, in real life won’t you wish to look as good?
Here’s how to do so like a pro:

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How to look WoW 24/7

The clock is my biggest competition. I am always running to be on time and somehow it keeps ticking by and I am ‘late’! Now I have realised that while there is a grace period given most of the time, looking graceful is important too.
Make sure that you turn up looking well-groomed, even when you are let’s say ‘fashionably late’!
Here’s a video that you can watch and learn from. While on the go, have these 5 beauty products in your touchup kit to look WoW always.
Here’s how the magic of makeup can transform not only the way you look but also how you feel.

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What’s ‘Fashionably’ Late?

In today’s world, we are always on the go. Every hour is a rush hour as time seems to fly by while there is so much that needs to be done.
While running late can add to your stress levels, being  ‘fashionably late’ might work as a stress buster?
You can always try…
Here’s how to move in style around the clock.
I have made this YouTube video with some of my wardrobe staples that I can wear as:
In fact, I usually mix and match prints, silhouttes, colours and designs to keep every look interesting.
The best part is that I don’t waste time on deciding what to wear anymore…

So stay stylish and be ‘WoW’ always!

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Travel in Style✈

There is only one thing that is constant in life – CHANGE! This is also the very essence of travelling. We all keep moving from point to point – whether it is everyday, from home to work and back or on a holiday from one city to another.
It is a fact that looking good makes you feel great. So even while you are on the go, having your fashion quotient in place is very important in today’s world. Well, it is easy to carry well-pressed clothes and makeup kit but styling the hair becomes a challenge.
In order to rule out bad hair days, here is what I decided to put together. These 3 easy to wear, heatless hairstlyes are perfect to sport while you are travelling. Let me know which one worked for you?

-Sayanti Banerjee

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Power of Ponytails

Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, one hairstyle that you must have tried at some point of life, is double ponytails! While these hairstyles are believed to look cute on kids and even upto high-school days, post that I can bet that very few girls actually dare to sport them. The truth is that, this fuss-free hairstyle is actually evergreen and you can wear them at any age.

👉I give you 5  WoW reasons why you should try them now:
1) Bored of wearing your hair open? Simply do a middle parting and tie two ponytails at the nape of your neck for an instant makeover!

2) This hairstyle will make your hair managable effortlessly. Also keep your issues about volume and bounce at bay with a sleek or messy finish.
3) They instantly knock off a few years from your face. Won’t you try this anti-aging hairdo?
4) Works best to save a bad hair day as it is a simple yet geek-chic, too-cool-for-school hairstyle. Looks smart with casuals and adds a sporty edge as well.
4) Suits a day look when the mercury is on the rise and you still need to look nice!
5) A few celebs, divas and fashionistas have flaunted this style with elan to make their personal style statements. Why not do so to stand out from the crowd? Isn’t that what makes you WoW?


Sayanti Banerjee

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Prajesh Meshram Photography

Perfect fit for your Makeup kit

Makeup can not only transform the way you look but also the way you feel. That is what makes a beauty product ‘wow’.  A few magic wands and colour palettes can simply reinforce the self-confidence of a woman.

I love wearing makeup and recently I tried the Spring 2016 makeup collection from the Italian brand – DEBORAH Milano.

Though I have loads of cosmetics in my beauty box, I must confess that the eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks from this brand are my ‘go to’ solutions now. Here’s what makes them WoW:

♡ The soft, smokey eyeshadow palette has 5 shades and different textures to choose from.

☆Going by my mood and outfit choice, I can pick from moss green to blush pink in matte, pearl or satin finish.
☆The brush is unique and effective in reaching the inner corners of the eyes as well.
☆In fact, this angular brush can be used to redefine my eye shape quite effortlessly.


♡ I apply the Divine Volume & Curves mascara to finish my eye makeup look. With just  two coats, I can pretty up my lashes and make my eyes look bigger instantly!


☆The texture of the lipsticks are semi-matte with a hint of glossy finish that’s trending currently.

☆The lipsticks simply glide on the lips to make the pout look attractive. The colour stays on for long and does not dryout my lips.
☆Also, the SPF 15 ensures sun protection for the day.

WOW PICK: Milano Red 13 – The Red Dress

Sayanti Banerjee

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Monday to Friday Style File

Unless you have a uniform to wear for work, wondering how to dress up for office from Monday to Friday can be a task. Also, you can’t be shopping for new clothes every week, right?
To keep your personal style interesting simply mix and match what you have in your wardrobe. I have choosen to showcase the 5 workwear that I actually wore for work and meetings. Since they earned me compliments and added a boost to my confidence, here is a You Tube video that I made with them.
Do take a look and share your feedback:

Sayanti Banerjee