For the Nomad @Heart🙋

I feel we are all a bit nomadic at heart and always wanting to break free from set norms. Catering to this boho, wander-lust attitude, Taj Land’s End has come up with a unique ‘gastro bar’ experience that goes by the name House of Nomad.

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Be on Top of the World…

It might be feeling nostalgic as it gets closer to the last day of 2016. As the countdown to 2017 begins, you might wish to start the new year with a new high. Here’s a place that will make you feel on top of the world like I felt at Mostly Grills this evening.


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Experience a Chettinad Treat!

Thursday can be a drag since you can’t wait to get on with your weekend plans. If this is how you are feeling right now, I can suggest how you can change it to something wow!

Eating out on a mid-week evening can boost your energy while trying something new can add to the fun. The Orchid Hotel in Mumbai is hosting the Chettinad festival at the South of Vindhyas restaurant.


It is almost like travelling to the coastal regions of South India as you enjoy the ambiance and the cuisine specially prepared by Chef Bala.
Here are the 5 dishes that I found wow:

👍☆Soup: Rasam of the day
which is a tomato and lentil broth and is also a traditional health drink.

👍☆Non- veg Starters:
-Eral varuval is wok tossed  prawns in chettinad spices. The perfect appitizer to get you started.

Also, Kozhi vattal is a tawa grilled succulent chicken cooked in chef’s secret spices. It’s pure indulgence for chicken lovers like me.

👍Veg starters:

-Kuzhi paniyaram is a chettinad delicacy of rice and lentil that you won’t find anywhere else.

👍Eral Biriyani is a blend of rice and prawn spiced with chettinad spices. A must-try!

👍Desserts: Godhumai halwa are
irresistable broken wheat cakes that simply melt in your mouth!

☆On the WOW meter the experience is 6/10

-Sayanti Banerjee

Instagram: sayanti_banerjee

🐥Twitter: @mesayanti

#snapchat: thewowdetector
📷 Prajesh Meshram Photography

Give in to your sea food craving…

It is the1st Monday of February and there are four more to follow. If suddenly this shortest month of the year seems too long for you, plan something exciting. This is also the most romantic month with Valentine’s Day coming up on 14th February, so you can start your celebrations right away by going for a romantic lunch or dinner with your beloved today?

A WoW Treat

The sea food festival at the South of Vindhyas at The Orchid, Mumbai is not worth missing out on. Today being the last day of this festival that started on 22nd Jan and my friends have been raving about it, here’s what I tried myself last evening!!!

  • Begin with a soup like the Nandu Rasam which is a spiced broth of crab.
  • Indulge in the golden fried crispy Bombay duck starter that goes by the name of Talela Bombil.
  • With a big appetite move on to Prawn biryani which is the perfect, aromatic medley of prawn and rice.
  • Order in a Kingfish specialty from Andhra Chapala Kura to relish by the side.
  • Have a mix of healthy vegetables cooked in tempered lentil and coconut gravy that is called Kootu of the day.
  • Also, a Tomato pappu is a tomato flavoured dal that is a must try.
  • Finish with a lip smacking dessert like Pazham Porichathu.

What’s more:

The 30 varieties of hand-picked fishes like Pomfret, Surmai, Basa, Mackerel, Tuna, Ghol, Shellfish and more, that are the pearls of the ocean are a wow treat for a culinary lover.

The fresh catch is brought in by local fishermen and served just the way a guest wants. The live cooking takes place along with performances of popular Koli songs to add to the mood.

-Sayanti Banerjee

Thursday evening = Happy mid-week?

We are already in the middle of the second week of January now. So it might feel like back in the grind and repeating the same old routine.

But you can plan Thursday better to refresh your mood. Simply go for a mid-week outing with friends, family or dear ones and feel wow.

Here are the 5 reasons why a new place like the Mediterra in Bandra is worth a visit…

1. The exotic yet home-style bread platter along with dips is complimentary! It is like pampering at its best!!!
2. The non-veg platter has a wide variety of meats and fishes to choose from.
3. The thin-crust pizzas are freshly baked and you can mix and match the toppings the way you wish.
4. Most of the dishes are cooked in olive oil which make them healthy as well.
5. The roof-top dinning option at  Mediterra is a mood-lifter in itself. The soft music and the tea lights spell romance, even when you choose to spend your ‘me-time’ there, over a mocktail…

Time to make that ‘Happy Difference’ to your mid-week, this evening?

-Sayanti Banerjee

It’s Tequila Friday

Today is not an ordinary Friday if you plan to celebrate Tequila Day… Post-work and pre-weekend most of us anyways plan to catch up with friends over a drink and here’s how you can get ready to say cheers to some good fun!

office look
Office look
cool accessories
Cheers to Tequila
Friday party look

To office

You can wear your short evening dress to office if you do not wish to carry change with you. Simply make it look more formal by throwing on a cape, crop jacket or blazer.

Makeup: Minimal works best when at work, so keep it simple with a good base for the skin to look fresh and add a hint of colour to your lips.

Hair: You can try an updo style, bun or even a power pony tail for work.

To party

Outfit: Simply remove the cape, crop jacket or blazer that you donned for the formal feel all day. Less accessories work better, so keep it to chimes, watch and a clutch purse.

Makeup: Upgrade your day makeup look with smoky eyes and glossy pout. You can highlight your cheekbones with a dash of blush and keep it sexy chic.

Hair: Pull down your hair and toss it on one side. Feel Wow as you look back into the mirror and go party!

– Sayanti Banerjee
Photo credit- Yogita Verma

Healthy snacking @Workstation

Nacho fun
Healthy snacking

Like it is said – ‘Variety is the spice of life’ and you should relish it literally!
I enjoyed getting spoilt for choice, as I took my pick from the 7 scrumptious flavors of Tex-Mex flavored nacho chips from AllThat’sGood.
It works best as my work station snacking option.
Indulge in the goodness of 100% farm-fresh, imported yellow corn tossed up in a recipe that dates back to 1943.
There is also a desi twist that keeps the experience lip smacking!
Top 3 flavours that I love are:
Try some and spice up your Tuesday!

– Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Yogita Verma

Weekend indulgence = ‘Guilt Trip’

Party Ready
Take the ‘Guilt Trip’
WoW Weekend Indulgence

Friday makes you feel ‘party ready’ and as an ‘instant mood lifter’ you crave for sweet treats… Relish the ‘happy stress’ liker – what to wear, who to invite and how to plan it with a few ‘sweet sins’.
Take a cue from my ‘party platter’ and it looks like this already, thanks to ‘Guilt Trip’:

# Indulge in the – Red Velvet Cream Cheese cake, Baked Cinnamon Pecan baked cheesecake, Italian Mousse cake – as they are worth ‘self pampering’

# Cup cakes with exotic flavours and colours like mint green, amber orange and caramel white are ‘picture perfect’ as gifting options too

# If you still wish to keep to your ‘diet’ but can ‘cheat a bit’, indulge in mini cupcakes that will help you do a ‘portion control’ at the same time!

Simply take that ‘guilt trip’ this weekend and feel WoW!

-Sayanti Banerjee