Hair Magic Unveiled

I always thought that being a Bengali, I am blessed with good hair. To change my hairstyle,  I either get a hair cut or colour. But for once I tried the flash points at the Advanced Hair Studio and now I know the difference. Here’s the head turning story.

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💕Love this V-day ready hair-makeover👸

It is your crowning glory that makes you a real headturner. Valentine’s Day is of course that red letter day on the calendar, when you want to look your best. So if you love your hair, now is the perfect time to pamper it even more!


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How to Fake a Fringe?

When there is only ONE  thing that is CONSTANT in life, which is CHANGE, you can’t be blamed to live by it! To begin with, we all love to look different. Getting a quick hair makeover can be a great idea.

But then, we are usually not comfortable to go out of our comfort zone. So here’s the best bet you can opt for. Try out a faux fringe even without having to snip your hair.

Here’s how to do it:

☆Use a tail comb to brush out all the tangles from your hair.
☆ Take a horse-shoe section from the crown portion.
☆ Tie it into a sleek pony tail.
☆ Now make a half-bun out of it such that the ends fall across your forhead like a fringe.
☆ Keep the finishing neat.
☆ Use a serum to settle the fly away hair or frizz if required.

👉 Watch my YouTube video to try it like a pro:

Sayanti Banerjee

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Need Inspiration for Weekend Hairstyles?

Being pressed for time does not mean that your hairdo remains boring. You can always try out quick styles with your hair to make a world of difference to your overall grooming. So get started with this weekend’s outing itself and see what difference your hairstyle makes to your mood and selfie!
You need to try them for sure as Celeb hairstylist Coleen Khan shows you how to own the Cannes 2016 Celeb hairfashion from the redcarpet.
Trust me, you can DIY and look wow.
Here’s how:

– Sayanti Banerjee

-HAIR &MAKEUP: Coleen Khan’s salon

Give sunkissed hair a miss

Hair makeovers are fun only when you dare to try sometging new. I was bored wearing the golden highlights so far and decided to give a miss to the sunkissed hue this summer.
Ambika Bhatia, Art Director at JUICE salon Phoenix Market City Kurla created this haute hair fashion statement for me and I simply found it WoW!

Here’s what she did:



Challenge: My last hair cut had grown out but I still wanted to keep the length.

Fix: She added choppy layers with side bangs to frame the face and add volume.



Challenge: Indian hair is dark naturally and I needed pre-lighting to get the desired look.

Fix: She gave me magenta red which is an evergreen shade of haircolour  and is always in vogue. This shade has been a rage across the fashion runways and sported by Hollywood divas like Rihana and Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif recently.



Challenge: I am always on the go and don’t know how to wear my hair in style effortlessly.

Fix: Dual tones have always added a wow factor. So the Obmrè finish makes the look haute and sexy at the same time. I can keep it open, tie a pony or braid it the way I wish.

Let me know what you think of my new hair cut and colour 🙂

– Sayanti Banerjee

Hair Makeover by JUICE salon

Weekend Special hairdo

It’s Friday evening and the weekend has just begun. Though you may not have any plans yet, what if a sudden party, dinner or date coming your way…
What will you do to look WoW with such little time in hand?
Here’s how to get that stylish hair makeover instantly.

-Sayanti Banerjee

WoW Hair trend to try…

While one of the most awaited Bollywood movies Tamasha is gearing up for Diwali release, the teasers are grabbing all eyeballs. I love Deepika Padukone’s sun-kissed hair colour that makes her stand out as an effortless diva in this romantic flick. I got the look this weekend and here’s what makes it WoW:


1# It is subtle yet sexy. You can carry if off fashionably with any outfit you like.

2# It is low maintenance as you don’t need a frequent hair cut and can wear it messy but still look classy.

3# It is trending on instagram currently as balayage or tie-die which is almost like hand painted hair strands. Try it now!

-Sayanti Banerjee