⛵ Memories of Melaka ⚓

It was only last Sunday that I was in Malaysia. Now that I look back at my photographs, it feels like I am still there. It is a beautiful holiday hangover and I am enjoying every bit if it…


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Happy Environment Day!!!

While passing by the same streets, we often forget to notice what has changed around us. It is all about reaching the destination in a hurry. Similarly, in Life we forget to stop by and live the moments while chasing our ‘goals’. One of the trending goals I feel is that of looking for a ‘positive vibe’ around us to feel happy. So the question is, can we create a HAPPY environment for ourselves in any surrounding?


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March-ing ahead of Time…🎲📒🖊

The month of March makes us feel that the first quarter of the year is coming to a close. So while there is a financial year end balance sheet prepared, personally also it’s time to evaluate. Today I want to share with you a slice of my lifestyle.

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