3 Party Looks for Every Body Type 👗

As the year 2017 is coming to an end, it is time to make the last day of this year WoW now! So dress up, look your best and party like there is no tomorrow. Here are the three basic rules of styling that you need to know while deciding what to wear.



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For a lip smacking treat…

Fridays can make you lazy as the mind tends to switch off work wise and gets ready to party. So if you are working from home, having lunch at your workstation or planning a house party post work, the best option would be to order in food.

While eating healthy might be a part of your agenda for the rest of the week, today you might wish to indulge. What better way to do so than feasting on a royal delicacy such as biriyani?

Biriyani time.jpg

A WoW food find that I discovered this afternoon – Charcoal Biryani. Here’s why you must try it for yourself:

#The portion of the biriyani is apt for even two people and the curd by the side balances the spice quotient.

#The packaging is perfect with a fork and spoon and paper napkins too. So you simply need to open the box and eat.

#The two most exotic flavours like Afghani Chicken Tikka Biriyani from the non-veg platter and the Paneer Makhani from the veg menu are simply WoW!

 -Sayanti Banerjee

Photo credit: Yogita Verma