Need mid-week ‘mood-lifter’?

It is Wednesday already and the countdown to the weekend has started rolling. So with just 2 days to go, you need a little boost in order to have the energy levels high and keep going.
While drinking at work may not be a good idea, pizza party is something you can surely indulge in?

In fact, it is easy to have them over a working lunch, even while you are glued to your workstation. I tried doing so by ordering in from Chilli Flakes in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

✌Here’s my list of mid-week ‘mood-lifters’ that you too must try and why:
🍕The TRUFFLE which is a signature preparation with cheese, white winter truffle oil, fresh parsley and black truffle salt simply melts in your mouth.

🍕SMOKED MARGARITA PIZZA which has smoked mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil, leaves you craving for more without making you feel too full.

🍕BOMBAY MASALA CHICKEN that has home made chicken mince, marinated in Indian spices with smoked mozzarella cheese, onions, green chilly and chipotle mayonnaise has a desi twist to the Italian recipe.

🍯If that’s not treat enough for you, dig into a chocolicious mousse dessert that is the signature speciality of Chilli Flakes for an instant, lip smacking experience!

#WOW TIP: Having a heavy lunch is better than indulging in a huge dinner speard. So plan your day smartly and make it WoW!!!

        -Sayanti Banerjee

📷 PHOTO CREDIT:Aanchal Nevatia