💕Valentine’s Day Special Lookbook 💕

We all love being in love…

So Valentine’s Day is that romantic day of the year when you can celebtrate it in style. The shades of pink and red are the colours of this season, so go out and flirt with them now 😘


Here is a fun lookbook to help you dress your best with three outfit ideas that will make you look wow!

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👒How to get Alia Bhatt’s IIFA glam?

Like Bollywood movies, celeb fashion also has a hit or a flop appeal. When it comes to the green carpet appearances across the world, even fashionistas are apprehensive about the reactions. From IIFA 2017, I loved Alia Bhatt’s look. Here’s how to sport it for a date this weekend…


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Monday to Friday Style File

Unless you have a uniform to wear for work, wondering how to dress up for office from Monday to Friday can be a task. Also, you can’t be shopping for new clothes every week, right?
To keep your personal style interesting simply mix and match what you have in your wardrobe. I have choosen to showcase the 5 workwear that I actually wore for work and meetings. Since they earned me compliments and added a boost to my confidence, here is a You Tube video that I made with them.
Do take a look and share your feedback:

Sayanti Banerjee