7 Bitter-Sweet Things about Chocolates…

If there is one thing that makes me happy instantly, it is chocolate. I can vouch that not only children but we adults too love this soul food!

There is always a debate that these sweet treats lead to weight gain and pimples. On International Chocolate Day, I had a tètè-a-tètè with Andaleeb Sahar Sayed, Executive Pastry Chef of The Lalit Mumbai, on the bitter sweet things about Chocolates.

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Classic Cocktail Ready

Classy Cocktail Gown
Go Retro Chic

When it comes to getting your look right for a cocktail party, the right outfit makes all the difference. You would not want to look ‘rock-chic’ in western, blingy silhouettes as if you are going out clubbing OR go traditional in ethnic wear…
I recently picked up a classic cocktail gown from La Tej by fashion designer Tejal Kandpile. It seemed to be simply WoW.
Here’s why you should own it:

#This black long dress has the perfect length to make you look graceful across occasions.

#Box pleat detailing can slim down your figure and make you stand tall.

#The antique embroidered band works as a self-embellishment, so you can go easy on wearing accessories and look effortlessly classy.

#The pure brocade and cotton satin fabric makes you feel like a princess instantly.

So then you can simply keep the makeup and hairdo minimal and look retro chic.
Now you can say cheers to a gala evening do in style!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo credit: Aanchal Dhara photography
Wardrobe credit: La Tej by fashion designer Tejal Kandpile
Venue: Cafe Aylanto

Monday Magic Makeup

Look WoW
no makeup look
No Makeup

Makeup is like magic that can totally transform the way you feel on a Monday. But if you keep applying the same set of cosmetics in the ‘formula way’, then you would obviously not be able to experience the Wow. Get innovative and try out something interesting like a ‘No Makeup’ look with just 3 Maybelline products like I did.

Here’s how it works for a post-work outing:

radiance Maybelline New York Nudes Palette 2 colour show orange icon# I first applied Maybelline BB cream – Clear Glow – 02 Radiance on my face. I love the texture and the subtle, soft finish it has and makes the skin look flawless.

# Ever since I discovered The Nudes palette of eye shadows, it has become my ‘go to’ solution. I can use the shades of brown, beige and black to define my eyes in as many ways as I can imagine. As an add on, I groom my eyebrow with the tan brown colour and contour my face with the same. It’s a 3 way wonder product for me!

# Since I wanted to keep the lips soft, I opted for a hint coral with Color Show – Orange icon lipstick and felt picture perfect instantly!

-Sayanti Banerjee

It’s K day

Google is informative and sometimes quite surprising as well. This would be just another ‘Monday’ unless I chanced upon the fun fact that it is ‘Kiss Day’! You may find it cute or ‘huh’, I suggest you make it ‘Wow’ your style. Here’s what you can do may be to…

Selfie pout
Selfie pout
Wow update
Wow update

Keep – It – Simple- n- Sweet:

#Wardrobe: If you choose to be fashion forward, sport the quirky lip prints on the attire you wear today. It is trending this season so make the most of it!

Ombray pout
Ombre pout
selfie fun
Selfie fun!

#Accessories: You can sport a neck piece or earrings with lip motifs or even hair accessories to keep it cute.

# Makeup:

You can try an ombre style that MAC Cosmetics Artist, Manseey Vorra from MAC PRO Store, Juhu created for me.

As seen in the pix, I am wearing a bright red -Ruby Woo on the outer rim of my lips and a hint of a fuchsia pink – Flat Out Fabulous in the inner core of the puckers

#Well, pout for a pretty selfie if nothing else since this dual-tone effect will instantly plump up your pout, make you look stunning and wow!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Up for a Mid-week Treat?

Come Thursday and you cannot wait to get to the weekend. It almost feels like a mid-week crisis with work to wrap up before you can plan to party. So to make things a bit more fun and ‘spicy’ literally, order in a box of excitement from BurgundyBox.in!


It is a ready to cook meal kit crafted by Chef Ajay Chopra with which you can explore your culinary skills.

What was WoW:

# The preparation instructions are really simple and ideal to get you and your friends to relive the ‘Master Chef’ show on TV.

#You can order the box online and get the menu you like delivered at your home for a quick unplanned party @ your kitchen!

#The portions are measured out well so you do not over eat and feel guilty about cheating on your diet mid-week.

So go ahead and have a blast, guilt free!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Photo Credit: Nidhi Parmar

Burn off weekend calories

While we can stick to a diet of sorts and a fitness regimen during the week, come weekend and it all goes for a toss. Of course you cannot let go the parties to lead a boring life. So once you say cheers to the booze and food that has loads of calories, you gain a lot of fat instantly.

Bye to weekend calories

But instead of cribbing and feeling guilty about it, simply burn it off in ‘Wow’ ways:

Stretch it out:

No matter how lazy you feel, the minute you start stretching your limbs even at your desk, you feel rejuvenated. So try them out and feel relaxed.

Walk up the stairs:

Even if you are bogged with Monday blues and find no time to hit the gym, walk up the flight of starts in your building or in the office. It will be you smart cardio-vascular workout option.

Get grooving:

Dance is an amazing form of exercise that not only boosts your energy but your spirit as well. Simply turn on your favourite music and get innovative with the steps to be able to express yourself best.

No matter what you choose to do, have a blast and feel WoW!!!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Dress down ‘wow’ style

Off Day style
Go ‘no makeup’
cool Off Day style
Keep it Simple n sweet (K-I-S-S)

There are days when you don’t really care to dress up or put on makeup and it is not because you are depressed. Such ‘Off Duty’ looks have been made popular by celebs in Hollywood and Bollywood as well. You too can do the same, look cool and casual yet chic and effortlessly stylish.

Here’s how to own it:

>‘No-make’ up look’: Opt for  a flawless base with good BB cream or a tinted moisturizer instead of thick foundation. A dash of lip balm even with a hint of pink, keeps it simple and sweet!

>Classy messy hair: Let your hair down and wear it naturally. Do not style it with any tool or product. Just scrunch it or run your fingers through it, to give a subtle, textured finish.

>Minimal accessories: Keep off ear rings and neck pieces as they look very dressy. You can keep to a pair of sexy sunglasses for the day or even sport a hat to look different from what you do every other day.

Sounds fun right? Try it out for sure like I did and feel ‘WoW’!

–Sayanti Banerjee

Own your beauty weapons

Have you ever wondered, in spite of applying eye makeup, blusher and lipstick in the same way as a celeb does, why you don’t look as stunning as a red carpet fashionista? Well, more than the products you use, it is really about the technique of application. Once you master the art of using some of the beauty weapons like a pro, you will stand out as a diva.

Own your beauty weapons
Own your beauty weapons
Powder brush
Powder brush

In this humid weather, if you do not set your base well, then the overall makeup will look patchy. Set off your makeup with loose powder and make sure to do so in a circular motion with a good powder brush for a seamless finish.

eyelash curler
Eyelash curler:

Eyelash curler: To make your eyes look big instantly, just curl your lashes upwards and outwards. Apply a generous coat of mascara for a glam-doll effect.

Eyebrow brush:

Well-groomed eyebrows can frame the face beautifully. So use this magic wand to brush out your brows and make your face look more attractive.

Eyebrow brush
Eyebrow brush
Hair straigthener
Hair straigthener

Hair straigthener: You can use this tool in 2 ways, to make your hair straight or wavy. Play it as per your mood and make heads turn…

Hair dryer:

Hair dryer:

You can literally blow off any one with a great blow dried hairstyle. Try this trick to look rock chic!

-Sayanti Banerjee

Cool Tea Trends

Let me confess that I am not a tea drinker but giving a miss to colas, smoothies and cold coffee that lead to weight gain, I choose to say cheers to tea this summer!

Cheers to Tea
Cheers to Tea

In fact, when it comes to the most popular drink in India, it is undoubtedly tea! No wonder that the popularity of this beverage dates back to history and goes across generations…

Ruby Delight
Ruby Delight
Fruity Notes
Fruity Notes

A contemporary brand like Tea Culture Of The World offers a few ‘wow’ recipes not only to quench your thirst but also blend in good health and rich aroma that will simply boost your senses. I have tried a few of these exotic flavours that are refreshingly different.

Here’s what you can indulge in them as well:

Strawberry Love
Strawberry Love

# If you are someone who enjoys fruity flavours, then savour the sweet essence of seasonal fruits with ‘Fruit Bliss’. You can prepare it in warm water and let it cool down before you refrigerate and enjoy it chilled.

# As far as ‘Strawberry Farm’ is concerned, you have to be someone who can never get bored of strawberries. This flavour is a girl’s favourite and the tinge of ruby pink makes it more presentable in a sparkling glass vessel. Choose to have it cold with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream and whisk it into a delicious mock-tail.

#As the name suggests, ‘Cool me down’ is a subtle flavour that has an instant ‘destressing effect’. Best to enjoy it as lukewarm. Sipping onto a cuppa at work or after a long day will be a soothing experience.

Here’s raising a toast to your innovative  beverage this season!
-Sayanti Banerjee

Lime Time

Since summer is about cooling off with soothing drinks, you can extend it to your fashion statement as well. A colour that will make you refreshingly ready for this season is – L-I-M-E!

Summer Fashion Statement

You can sport this citrus hue in ethnic, fusion or western wear with élan. I took my pick from fashion designer Shilpa Khandelwal’s latest collection. It made for a ‘wow’ outfit for a mid-week brunch.
Here’s how you can select an attire that will be hot on trend #
• A well fitted, western silhouette looks smart for most occasions.
• If carrying off a colour like lime in solids make you hesitant, break it up with interesting prints, self-embellishments and subtle embroidery. It will make the overall style more graceful.
• Keep accessories minimal, like a statement ear ring or a cocktail ring to go with your outfit. White silver complements the colour lime better than yellow gold.

Watch out for these smart tips to shop for a ‘wow’ summer wardrobe and look hotter than the season!

Wardrobe Credit: Shilpa K by fashion designer Shilpa Khandelwal

Photo Credit: Mandar

-Sayanti Banerjee