Thai Spa for Self Pampering? 🙋

After work or workout for an entire week, the weekend calls for some relaxation. Sleeping cannot rejuvenate your body like a massage can. So a spa is always like a self treat I would say. Also, it is a healthy indulgence unlike the other indulgences that we save for the weekend!
I tried the Thai foot massage at the Sukho Thai Spa today to rejuvenate myself for the week ahead. It felt like a yoga of sorts as the wellness expert not only performed the massage but also helped me stretch my body. You need to try it out yourself to experience it now.

It feels wow…


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Truths & Myths about Thai Spa Massage

While most of us focus on taking care of our face, pampering the feet is equally important. We are constantly on our toes, so the entire weight of our body is always putting pressure on our legs and feet no matter how heavy or light we weigh. As a hugely popular wellness therapy, Thai spas are believed to be working their wonders since ancient times. Of course there are a few truths and myths about them… Continue reading “Truths & Myths about Thai Spa Massage”