Exploring the Power of Yoga over 100 years 🙏

New Year comes to us with the opportunity of new beginnings. So in order to ensure a Happy 2019, we need to take care of our own wellbeing first. The best way to balance the body and the mind can be achieved with the power of yoga. A free and open-to-all Harmony Fest was organized by The Yoga Institute to celebrate the journey of 100 years. Being India’s biggest Wellness Event, it was attended by a galaxy of dignitaries in Mumbai.


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Transforming Lives with Yoga 🙏

Yoga is the science of living and hence the knowledge of this subject is essential for our wellbeing. We all know that a harmonic combination of the physical and mental health leads to our overall wellbeing. So in order to live a balanced life, the power of yoga needs to be explored to its fullest potential. Most traditional form of yoga is classical yoga and in today’s world, it can be an amour to protect us from the stress that is generated from our modern lifestyle.
The Yoga Institute is the world’s oldest organized center for Yoga established in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji, who is also known as the Father of Modern Yoga Renaissance. Celebrating the journey of transforming lives over the 100 years, Harmony Fest has been organized as India’s Biggest Wellness festival.


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