My World in my bagπŸ’Ό…

Have you ever wondered why women carry such big and heavy bags? It makes us feel good to have everything necessary (and even unnecessary) when we step out of home. But packing smartly the things you need will help you to cutdown on unnecessary stress.


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It Feels WoW…

We believe that we all are talented in our own way and try to showcase those skills through our work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not…

But what matters is what keeps us going…


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What about Raabta?

The story is as slim as the waist line of the lead actors – Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput.
It is about a girl who is so pretty that two guys are literally dying to win her over. That too with rebirth and reincarnation…
Does it sound wow??? Not really.

So, this bollywood film is about the good old concept of LOVE.
πŸ’œ Here’s why you might wish to watch Raabta:
*Get a new travel goal – visit Budapest. Looks like a land of romance.
*The styling and fashion quotient is high.
*Special effects and a few dialogues are entertaining.
Also, you might wish to try Deepika Padukone’s eyemakeup from the title song of this movie for the weekened.

-Sayanti Banerjee

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Why City of Joy…

Last weekΒ was different.Β  I was there in my hometown, Β Kolkata. It was very hot and humid but the feeling of warmth over powered me. The city of joy has a way of wooing people, you need to be there to feel the happy vibe in the air.

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3 Date Looks from the Half Girlfriend movie

While the movie Half Girlfriend has got mixed reviews, I love the fashion statements made by bollywood diva Shraddha Kapoor. Taking inspiration from her style, I wanted to try out these 3 Date Looks.


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Get Wine Wise…

In order to find out a few myths and truths about wine, I caught up withΒ Sonal Holland at theΒ India Wine Awards 2017. She has beenΒ recently named the world’s first and only Master of Wines from India.

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Summer Fashion Ideas

What to wear is always a concern, specially during summer. So in order to beat the heat, try out these simple yet wearable street styles. They will help you to stay on trend or may be fashion forward, this season.

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