Power of Yoga 💞

It is World Yoga Day today but the truth is that Yoga is forever.
Most forms of workout help to take care of the mind and the body. Yoga can heal the soul as well. You have to experience it yourself to know how it works its magic.IMG_20170620_154134.jpg

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My Wellness Escapade ✈

In this world, we are constantly chasing time. There is ‘no time’ to sit back, relax and soak in the moment passing by. That is why the concept of wellness attempts to sync the well-being of the mind and the body.
Recently I got to experience such tranquility at the Taj Salon and Jiva Spa of Taj Land’s End. As the name suggests, Saundariya treatment made for a beautiful experience.


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Workout like Animals?

Everytime you see a cat stretch, bear crawl, crocodile sawy, do you wish you too were as fexible?

Well, we humans are much evolved than animals but there might be a thing or two that is worth learning from them…
To begin with, they don’t go to the gym or use any equipments to stay agile. So you too can try getting fitter naturally by trying out these exercises at home. Continue reading “Workout like Animals?”

SlowMo Yoga to beat FOMO

In today’s social media happy world FOMO is always trending. It is the ‘fear of missing out’! So here is a one-stop solution to keep going.

Yoga is a workout for your soul. It is a healing art that calms the mind and relaxes the body at the same time. This traditional exercise form has evolved over the years with newer versions and variations like dynamic yoga, hot yoga, power yoga, ariel yoga and whatever else you might fancy.

The truth is that…
👉 the foundation of yoga remains the same as it is based on breathing techniques and stretching muscles.
👉While yoga ensures flexibility, you need to balance yourself firmly in order to hold a few poses.
👉You can begin at any age and get better with practise.
👉 You need to workout on emply stomatch or eat 1 hour prior to your yoga session. Any time of the day!
👉Thrice a week and different sets of exercises are what you need to build strength and stamina.
👉 Yoga does not really help in loosing weight but it helps you to stay in shape by getting rid of those extra bulges and inches from your body.
👉 You can stay away from a number of lifestyle diseases as Yoga helps you to work on your internal organs as well.
👉Yoga is the answer to de-stress your body and mind in order to keep pace with this fast paced world.

Live Happy with Yoga EVERYDAY😊

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